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August 20, 2011

Food Fight For Lives: Put Down Your Damn Phone and Drive

by Accidental Bear


Join the fight HERE

Are you furious at the mmount of drivers who talk on Phones and Driving. Stricter laws are needed, but in the mean time throw your food at them. Guaranteed to make them think.

We want to start a movement that will irritate the hell out of people breaking the law and make them stop and think. The punishment for people busted for driving while talking or texting is barley a slap on the wrist and way to lenient. Gruesome pictures of severed body part and crushed vehicles aren’t enough, so let’s take a different approach!

We are encouraging you to, every time you see someone on the phone and driving to throw what ever food or drink that is in your hands or easy to grab at them and get their attention and royally piss them off. I did this earlier with a full cup of coffee and boy did it feel good!

Let us know your stories and pass this own.

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March 28, 2011

American Apparel Shakedown

by Accidental Bear

NOOOOOO, don’t make it politically incorrect to buy my beloved American Apparel t-shirts. They’re perfectly soft, hang sensually on my chest to make appearance of sweet pecs and hug my biceps ever so tender for an exaggerated gun show.


Sex, Lies, and the Dov Charney Lawsuit

Hamilton Nolan writes— Earlier this month, notoriously pervy American Apparel CEO Dov Charney was sued for a quarter of a billion dollars by a former employee named Irene Morales. Her accusations of sexual harassment fit with Charney’s longstanding reputation for bad behavior in the workplace. But judging by emails and text messages we’ve obtained, there may very well be another side to the story.


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