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May 22, 2011

It Has Recently Been Brought to My Attention, the Show Called The Hunks

by Accidental Bear

The Hunks is a reality television series which first aired in april 2011 on sky Living, a UK television channel owned by British Sky Broadcasting. The series follows 10 males spending the summer in Newquay (where?)
The show features 10 single guys (Andy, Dom, Florian, Idris, Jamie, Marc, Sam, Samy, Sean and Vaughan) aged from 18-30 who were put up in 2 luxury apartments last summer (just above Pizza express) as part of a fly on the wall reality TV show in Newquay. ‘The Hunks’ love working out on their 6 packs, doing their hair and chatting up girls. One of them is apparently gay, but he snogs girls too. The show was filmed in the summer of 2010 in Newquay, wherever that is. MORE INFO

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