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August 12, 2011

Death to the Internet Craze?

by Accidental Bear

What constitutes an ‘internet craze’? A certain number of copy cats? Being talked about by Diane Sawyer ? Harmless internet stunts is what comes to my mind that are emulated numerous times over a short period of time. You may now call me Webster. I am easy to please though. It only become annoying when those participating in such memes becomes famous for doing nothing.

via Gawker

Horsemaning, the latest fake internet crazes hows just how meaningless the idea has become. Three days ago Buzzfeed, the tireless meme-aggregator, decided to take a stab at creating a meme of its own. The site posted a vintage picture of two girls posing so it looked like one was the dismembered head of the other. They dubbed this “horsemaning,” after the headless horseman, posted some examples and solicited reader photos. A bunch of readers responded. (You’ll find a few above.)

Today, preternaturally cheery Today show hosts Hoda and Kathy Lee did a bit on horsemaning. They giggled about how silly this “huge internet craze” was, and posed for their own horsemaning picture, after BuzzFeed urged them to over Twitter. Except, as of their segment, the horsemaning “craze” was composed of a handful of Buzz Feed posts, a Facebook page with a few hundred likes, and a few desultory blog posts from other sites. MORE

March 15, 2011

Local SF: Meredith Baxter in person 3/23

by Accidental Bear

Meredith Baxter becomes ‘Untied’ with new book

Book signing March 23 7:30PM


Elyse Keaton on ‘Family Ties,’ Meredith Baxter played a happily married mother but in real life she’s dealt with abuse, addiction and self esteem issues. The actress writes about coming into her own and coming out in her new book. (March 7)

SF – The Castro

San Francisco/Castro District
Books Inc. at 16th and Market Streets in San Francisco is the place for your literary needs…From Mainstream to Masochism,Achebe to Zzyzzyva, The Castro’s only full service general bookstore. 

2275 Market Street
Manager: Ken Irish

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