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May 6, 2011

Hair to Stay: From the Shaggy ’70s to the Modern Otter

by Accidental Bear Daily breaks done hair politics and trends like 1,2,3.


By Kit Christopher & Joe Thompson

Hair. For gay men, it can be a complex topic.

Those thousands upon thousands of tiny strands do more than frame your features and enhance your masculinity. They are a social signifier that can communicate everything from how you feel about politics to how you want to be viewed to who you want in bed—and what you’ll do with the guy once you get him there.

For the last few decades it’s been easy to track the twin progressions of hair and sex in the media. In 1968, Hair brought shaggy manes, bearded faces, and sexual abandon to Broadway; in 1970, Joe Dallesandro memorably debuted his past-shoulder-length, stick-straight tresses in the movie Trash; and in 1972, Burt Reynolds stunned the world in his Cosmopolitan centerfold wearing just a smile and the most beautiful mustache ever grown—oh, and some luxurious chest hair that would be popping out of unbuttoned shirts for the next few decades. READ MORE @ Daily

January 7, 2011

Gay Porn Reality Show? Isn’t that Just Live Web Cams and Already Played Out?

by Accidental Bear

Gay Porn Reality Show Is Definitely Not A-List: Los Angeles. But It Might As Well Be

Finally a reality show I’ll have no trouble NOT watching.

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