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December 27, 2010

Drive, Hike and Gawk with Me: Joshua Tree

by Accidental Bear

Up until today Joshua Tree National Park at 74485 National Park Drive
Twentynine Palms, CA has escaped me. U2’s album Joshua Tree was a a staple record to pass the long days of summer back in high school ( ahem, just a few years ago). But that was all I knew of Joshua Tree at the time. Later, as my green thumb grew, I became interested in cacti and desert plants which brought to my attention the truly unique conditions the desert of J.T. Secondly I’ve heard moans of the insane, deadly temperatures during the summer months. I friend who moved to Palm Springs a year ago would text me high temperatures that soared to 117 in the evening. This intrigued me , I wanted to experience this heat torture.

I’ve google searched seasonal plants species and indigenous creatures of the desert, a semi Joshua Tree online stalker. So, a dream came true this morning. As I jumped out of bed, in my oh so gay hotel, I felt like  I had an extra pep in my step, ” Lets go lets go lets GO.” I eagerly prodded my bf to drink up his coffee and down his banana because its JOSUA TREE TIME!

J.T. was all and more than I expected. I WAS unaware of the set up of park though and had to compete with a few to many tourist on the road and interrupting several photos moments. But all is well that ends well. I give J.T. 2 thumbs up! Another event marked off my bucket list.

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