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August 18, 2011

Fashion industry outraged after French label launches lingerie for girls as young as FOUR

by Accidental Bear

I feel slightly creepy even reporting on the subject, lingerie for girls as young as four? There is free speech and will and then there is making your kin look like a 4 year old whore. In the voice of one of our free thinkers of our time Paris Hilton (puke), “Not Hot!” The designers are either these are over sexed straight men that like the flavor of young girls or big homo’s who like to dress dolls, 4 year old dolls.

Jours Apres Lunes

Too much too young? New French lingerie label Jours Apres Lunes is designed for girls aged between four and 12

In a move that has shocked fashion onlookers, scantily-clad young girls wearing make-up and sporting voluminous up-dos are promoting a new range of lingerie that is targetted at girls as young as four years old.

Combining lingerie and lounge wear to form ‘loungerie,’ the Jours Après Lunes line for four to 12-year-olds features a range of panties, bras, camisoles and T-shirts with lace edges, ribboned bow detailing and nautical stripes.

The shots feature young girls in poses and styling that seem far too premature for their ages.

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August 7, 2011

Rag & Bone Men’s Looks for Spring/Summer 2012

by Accidental Bear


What happens when you mix your pajamas with a suit and put them on hippies? There is so more talk about women’s skirts and dress length but I think more dedication needs to be on men’s pants length. I am not a fan of these capri- ish length pants below.

rag bone mens spring2012 16 150x150 Rag & Bone Mens Looks for Spring/Summer 2012rag bone mens spring2012 17 150x150 Rag & Bone Mens Looks for Spring/Summer 2012rag bone mens spring2012 18 150x150 Rag & Bone Mens Looks for Spring/Summer 2012

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