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July 7, 2011

My Neighborhood Park is a Urinal: A Creative Solution P-tree by Aandeboom

by Accidental Bear

I live just one block from the best park in San Francisco which has a long list of benefits. Unfortunately along with the summer weather brings large amounts of people gathering to partake in wine, cheese, catching up with new and old friends and on wilder days just a little crack (just a little). Blankets and colorful Afghans  are filled with well thought out casual-park outfits. What hasn’t been thought out is, Where in the hell are all these people going to piss. The solution now is, on the train tracks, in the playground, under the bridge, everywhere. My park is a urinal and I am not even going to touch #2.

Look what a came across on the world-wide web this morning.

P-Tree by Aandeboom

The P-Tree can be hooked up to a central sewage system or connected to a tank with a pump.

Material: rotation moulded recycled plastic, stainless steel and straps and lashings. The P-Tree and lashings are available in different RAL colours.


P-Tree by Aandeboom

P-Tree by Aandeboom

P-Tree by Aandeboom

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