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December 13, 2010

Lets go for a Walk: The Mission, Where Gay is not as Obvious

by Accidental Bear
All photos by Mike Enders

Hop, skip or a jump away The Mission is always a colorful, interesting, sketchy and yummy good time. Walking down Valencia I had a thought, ” Im in the Mission, but can’t find the Mission.” Art stores, vintage stores, a bazillion hole in the wall and a handful ( yet multiplying exponentially), Indian Food, Greek Food, Hipster food, vegan food, Korean Take-out, etc etc. I am totally NOT against any of these places, just observing. American Apparel was suppose to go in down the street, but there was massive protest and petition signing by mission ” sruffies” ( that applies to boys and girls), that they were not allowed to open. Such neighborhood pride for most that have lived in Mission about 6 months probably. I live in Mission and LOVE it, at the same time welcome stores in. I would draw the line if a BK of McWhatevers where trying to open on Valencia.

One block over  sits Mission Street itself. You canlt help but to feel the hustle ( and smell it too). 99 cent stores galore, corners smothered with produce pushers and ice cream cart sales men, tranny hookers, supremely unattractive hookers, junkies, hipsters with bad posture carrying paper drawing pads and a frown, store fronts stocked with everything tacky and sexy teen jeans squeezed into half mannequins polluting the street so I have to weave back and worth. I stand out, for lack of hustle.

Mission gays and visiting from Castro gays don’t stand out so much, unless they are well dressed and look to have money. The straight men in the area are either dressed in mexican-western country gear or high water skinny jeans, greasy hair, mixed matched sox, a mustache, bike lock in back pocket, ironic tatoo on neck, (saying , I’ll never work for ‘the man’ “, buddy holly glasses ( with tape means you’re extra cool, ’cause you’re poor) and a Molly Ringwald looking awkward girl wraped on his arm. You must turn up your gay filter in order to see our own kind. Which is kind of refreshing , I leave my filter turned off. The ” GAY” of the Castro can wear a man out. I find myself pulled into a colorful eatery. Im starving. I order myself a Mojado Burrito, it said in parenthesis ,  the big one. Yes, thats what i wanted the big one.

Also, not a virgin wall seems to escape graffiti!

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