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February 15, 2011

Real Gay Men Use Female Condoms

by Accidental Bear
Female condom

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Ok, I get where it goes and what the female condoms purpose is, but I can’t really imagine it. Won’t it get pushed in? ( I’m blushing). Anything further or extra that helps our gay brothers stay safe , I say AMEN. The biggest trick is to get gay men using them. Will there be a stigma to them because they are name after a female product? So many gay men are stuck in this wanna-be-masculine-straight-acting, they may have to get their sister to buy these or them.


S.F. Gives Female Condoms to Gay Men


On Valentine’s Day, San Francisco became the first city in the U.S. to distribute free female condoms to gay men, KGO News reports.

The condoms, handed out at City Hall and other public places Monday, were courtesy of the San Francisco health department. They are made of nitrile, a material typically found in protective gloves.

For more, visit HIV Plus.

February 11, 2011

Monkeys Give Hope to Lonely Gays. Moment of Awe!

by Accidental Bear
  • If monkeys can make love look so easy , why cant you? You and your honey should keep it simp this Valentines. Sit around naked picking bugs out of each others hair and sporadic rounds of sex in nature is a good start.
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  • Gay Monkeys Elton + David To Spend Romantic Valentine’s Day Together

Elton and David, the same-sex spider monkeys romancing each other since March at the Drayton Manor Theme Park in Staffordshire, England, will be treated to a special Valentine’s Day treat by zookeepers. “They love to spend their time cuddling and kissing one another,” says the park director. “They make a wonderful couple and to celebrate their first Valentine’s Day we plan to give them a special romantic meal.” I hope it’s a Rush Limbaugh-shaped cake!

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February 4, 2011

Diamonds For Valentines Day says, ” I don’t care!”

by Accidental Bear

Come on now. First off we have to live through those god awful commercials of porn stars moonlighting from their film careers to do these oh so sparkly jewelry ads. Their hands twirling in indian type dance gestures show casing bracelets, rings and ahhh belly chains encased in diamonds ( ooh sparkle). These commercials claim to make everything ok and gay ( by that I mean happy). I couldn’t think of a more unoriginal, uncreative, thoughtless present than diamonds. Cliche to the max and TO ME even the most expensive of diamonds look cheap. Giving a diamond means, ” I don’t care to put the energy into finding something special, or have the time for you, but here’s some chump change to tide you over and give appearance that everything is OK.

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