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August 20, 2011

Weekend Warm-up Videos: Bar of Soap In Microwave, Panda B-Day Cake, Incredible Bike Skills, Time lapse Dandelion flower to seed

by Accidental Bear




August 19, 2011

Morning Warm-up Videos: Opulence, I has it, Shortest Escalator, Smokey Bear & Hedgehog Bath

by Accidental Bear




August 12, 2011

Warm-up Videos: My sex is actually on fire, Rick Mereki’s Gastronomical Version of MOVE,

by Accidental Bear

[vimeo 27461519 w=376 h=200] [vimeo 27243869 w=376 h=200]


August 4, 2011

Morning Warm-up Videos: Literal Couch Surfing, 11 countries over 44 days, Adult-con…

by Accidental Bear

[vimeo 27246366 w=376 h=200]
July 4, 2011

Morning Warm-up 4th of July: Bearded Men Breaking Things, Shower like a Man, Sunscreen on Your Beard

by Accidental Bear

Thanks for the tips on this beardy goodness.

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