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July 19, 2011

Morning Dose of Testosterone: Beard, Bacon and Guns

by Accidental Bear

“We roll down to Georgia and meet up with one of the biggest badasses on YouTube! FPSRussia and his arsenal of weapons joins forces with us and our copious amounts of deliciousness! WARNING: These are professionals in controlled environments. DO NOT try this at home!!” Epic Meal Time Crew

July 13, 2011

Warm-up, Cool Down or Ed-umacate Yourself Videos: Hands Across Hawthorne & Mustache Man Anti-Bullying and Suicide Prevention

by Accidental Bear


May 8, 2011


by Accidental Bear

California Gays Music Video To Katy Perry California Gurls Parody


February 17, 2011

Band (beard) Watch:CAMPFIRE OK

by Accidental Bear

We so are excited to annouce that our debut album, Strange Like We Are is now available! It has been a long journey to get this released and we are very proud of it. Thanks to all of our friends and supporters who have made this possible!

You can find it on iTunesAmazonCD Baby and Sonic Boom Records in Seattle!

More news to follow soon.

February 13, 2011


by Accidental Bear

Watch a Soothing Video of the ‘Paint-Pouring’ Art Process

Paintings – Holton Rower

“Tall Painting”

Source Amanda Dobbins Paint-by-numbers: Out. Paint-by-gravity: In.
February 8, 2011

It gets better: A music video by Rebecca Drysdale

by Accidental Bear

Can you ever get to much of a movement called


February 7, 2011

Dedication to My Readers:You make loving fun

by Accidental Bear

Ahhh, you know it feels good! Readership from around the globe has skyrocketed. Thanks for all your support and comments. Keep a watchful eye on Accidental Bear Blog in 2011, mucho mas( for you illiterates, much more) to come. XOXO

February 3, 2011

Beard Band Watch; Run on Sentence

by Accidental Bear

Dustin Hamman of Run On Sentence.  You the Darkness and Me is out now on Hush Records!

Bio | Contact

Me( Dustin): I grew up in Omaha, Nebraska and was wowed at an early age by the songwriting of Simon Joyner. I started writing my own songs a few years later and finally, after several more years of trying to write and sound like a variety of people I thought were awesome, I realized that was not the point. That’s when I started Run On Sentence in Portland Oregon. I tour extensively with and without the band and I really enjoy it. I’ve spent about 14 months on the road since 2007 and would like to continue touring, both in North America and abroad.

The Band: Early on, there were three of us but, as was the point of the name, there grew to be what is now a rotating cast of talented folks and currently Run On Sentence could be anywhere from 1-12 people, although it is usually (and ideally) 5-8.
We put out our first album Oh When the Wind Comes Down with Hush Records in the Fall of 2008 and have received a lot of positive response both in sales and reviews. Just before it came out we did a Daytrotter session and, earlier this year, the song “Stonewall” was chosen as NPR’s Song of the Day.

may flowers grow in your footsteps,

-dustin hamman

email: dadonkey[at]

January 20, 2011

TONY WARD… Call Me… k?

by Accidental Bear



Aww, he brought me flowers!

I feel as if Mr Ward has had a rebirth. He first caught my attention when he was  Madonna‘s boyfriend in the beginning of the 1990s and he appeared in some of her music videos as well as the controversial SEX book in 1992. What drove me home was his role in 1996 – Hustler White by Bruce LaBruce and Rick Castro. He drips of sleazy, sexy. Maybe the bad boy you wouldn’t bring home to mom but the one who would have all your friends green with envy. Ohhhh Tony, CALL ME! – official site

January 18, 2011

The Sarah Palin Battle Hymn

by Accidental Bear
Sarah Palin holding a T-shirt related to the G...

Image via Wikipedia


The Sarah Palin Battle Hymn


Written-Tom Dempsey
Vocal- Gary Mcvay
Submitted-Tom Dempsey

January 14, 2011

OMG Buy A New Couch Already or Do it the Hard Way

by Accidental Bear

This looks like a tremendous amount of work and should be left up to the experts. I would sure be in the ER with staple wounds. Awesome video!!



Read Article : CLICK

I kind of like before too.

December 12, 2010

Get Lost on Tumblr!

by Accidental Bear

Tumblr , why can’t I quit you! ( why would you want to! )

I have many of times sat down with the good intentions of getting some serious work done and then….. I log onto Tumblr, check my ” i like” , see who’s reblogged me, relog things and then POOF, with out even blinking an eye ( ok, thats a lie), 4 precious hours of my life are gone. Tumblr, thank you for feeding the procrastination monster that lives within me.

Here are a few of my favorite Tumblr blogs ( warning some have adult content) :

(Me of course)


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