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March 20, 2011

For All You Chubby Chasers, Sorry But Bacteria May Help Your Partner Loose Weight

by Accidental Bear

My first thought is that this is just another excuse for people to be lazy and not follow the undeniable best way to loose weight, exercise and diet. Wahhh wahhh, it’s my bacteria that makes me fat. There just might be something to this. Our gut is all mighty powerful and regulates are entire body. Its like if our neighborhood got taken over by thugs and ganstas , the results would be tragic. Lets just consider this “wrong” bacteria a gansta taking over your gut. Bring in some alternative bacteria and your overall stomach flora may flourish, Better yet you may drop some weight. All you chubby chasers out there stop crying!



Researchers now believe that a bacteria transplant could help some people lose weight.

Obese coupleOBESITY: More than 70 million Americans are considered obese. (Photo: Tony Atler/Flickr)
Don’t have time to exercise and can’t afford a healthy diet? New research suggests that you might be able to lose a few pounds simply by changing the kinds of bacteria that live in your gut, according to
This news may sound like an infomercial, but for some people, the solution to their weight problem might be as simple as getting a “bacteria transplant.” Or at least, that’s the theory that Willem De Vos, microbiology professor at Wageningen University in the Netherlands, has suggested in a recent lecture.


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