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May 19, 2011

Matt Zarley new song- WTF; Seriously Matt, What the Fuck?

by Accidental Bear

I wanted so bad to find out that this was just a joke, a skit, but my research found out that this is for real. My new grown up mind wants so hard not to judge, so I bite my tongue and I ask you to watch for yourself and tell me what you think. This would be way to easy for me to rip it a new ass***e and rain on Matt Zarley’s parade (oh, and it would be a downpour!)

January 12, 2011

The World has Gone Mad: Hearst Ranch Zebras Shot

by Accidental Bear
A zebra.

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Who shoots zebras? They’re like unicorns, almost. WTF? Wait, Zebras……….. Its been a tragic week with gun control debates on the tongue of all News programs. Political figures gunned down, and now Zebras! Everybody take a deep breath… and SMARTEN THE FUCK UP…and exhale.

Three zebras that got loose from the Hearst Ranch were shot last week after neighbors say they were disturbing their livestock.

The zebras were part of the herd that visitors to the castle have perhaps seen. The three that wandered to Cambria area ranches were shot on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday last week by two different ranchers. David Fiscalini, who shot two of them tells KSBY the animals were threatening the safety of his lifestock and he had no other choice. He also says he was within his legal rights to do so.

Cliff Garrison, foreman of the Hearst Ranch, says he didn’t hear about it until Monday, and that it’s unfortunate it happened. He says he would have appreciated a call from the other ranchers that the zebras were loose on their property.

November 16, 2010

The Tattoo That Got a Delta Passenger Pulled From His Flight || Jaunted

by Accidental Bear


The Tattoo That Got a Delta Passenger Pulled From His Flight || Jaunted.

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