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May 6, 2011

The Man Behind Talks with Accidental Bear & Things get Steamy

by Accidental Bear

In the adult entertainment industry the term “straight” on the gay side of the road is a hot commodity. There is much skepticism because these so-called straight actors are filmed getting gang-banged on site after site showing up on Sean Cody and other such sites with “first time”, “straight seduced”, “broke str8 guy” tags. I understand this is an illusion, but as with The Wizard of Oz, there is always a man behind the curtain. Do I have a story for you. Jeff, the hunk from (drum roll please) is actually STRAIGHT. He’s more like the guy next door that you’d bring home to meet mom and he fulfills all your straight guy voyeur fantasies. Towards the end of our talk Jeff gives me an idea of one of his sexual fantasies. He delivers a story of what it might look like on the inside of a horny straight guys brain. They say a picture is worth a thousands words, then Jeff’s words are worth a million dollars! Hot Hot Hot

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