Pike Brothers: German/British Manufacturing and Fabrics and American Design

by Accidental Bear

Pike Brothers are a wet dream come true. Wearable, sturdy everyday looks that scream I am man!

Pike Brothers is a combination of German/British manufacturing and fabrics and American design. Originating on Portobello Rd in West London and now located in Bavaria, their built to last garments are based on classic items of uniform and workwear. From sweatshirts to denim and military reproductions each item is modeled on an iconic garment from the past. The U.S Navy N1 jacket is a favourite among vintage fiends alongside the Seabees t-shirt and Single V Physical training sweatshirt. Their line of denim is generally 11-15 ounce, raw and of course selvedge. While Pike Brothers harks back to the past for inspiration the guys have retained a modern and wearable edge to each collection. -ld ” (Selectism


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