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August 4, 2011

PSA Video: Evolution of the Hipster

by Accidental Bear

Holy cow, this is morning brilliance. The best thing I’ve seen since yesterday.

“A hipster, a terrifying genetic hybrid.”

(Thanks Daily what)

July 25, 2011

President Obama: Don’t Force Lt. Dan Choi and Other Gay Soldiers to Pay for their DADT Discharges

by Accidental Bear

Please sign this petition at Why is common sense so hard for some people?


Lt. Dan Choi served his country with honor in Iraq as an American infantry officer in the U.S. Army. But in June 2010, Lt. Choi was officially discharged from the Army, after coming out as gay on an episode of the Rachel Maddow Show. Now, months after being discharged for violating the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, the Department of Defense wants to charge Lt. Choi more than $2,500, to make up the cost of “the unearned portion” of his enlistment bonus.

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July 16, 2011

Accidental Bear’s “It Gets Better… Mmmm Cupcakes” Video

by Accidental Bear

Accidental Bear’s owner Mike Enders joins the It Gets Better troops and talks about the many different types of gays you can be. He expresses the celebration of Bears love for men who are fuzzy, husky and tattooed and their appreciation for CUPCAKES!!!

July 11, 2011

“The Elements of F*cking Style” Book

by Accidental Bear

elements of fcking style book The Elements of F*cking Style Book

Cool Hunting points us at a new book that looks to refresh your knowledge on grammar and the proper use of the English langues. The Elements of F*cking Style out now, looks to make the lessons and reminder a fun affair. “The truth about English is that it can get pretty boring. Dangling modifiers, gerunds, punctuation marks–it’s enough to make you want to drop out of high school. Swearing and sex on the other hand, well, these time-honored pastimes warm the cockles of our hearts. Now, The Elements of F*cking Style drags English grammar out of the ivory tower and into the gutter, injecting a dull subject with a much-needed dose of color.” (selectism)

Available from Amazon The Elements of F*cking Style Book.

June 10, 2011

Gay Bachelor Blog asks: What was your worst date ever like?

by Accidental Bear

A fun site to keep your eyes out for if you are single and wanting to mingle.

What is this site all about?
Good question. This is just a simple site where guys can tell the world a little bit about themselves. Show some pics, and maybe meet someone along the way. Who knows? There are a lot of hunk-sites out there, but allows you to connect with them! All these guys are real, single, and willing to meet new people!

So, all these guys are real?
Without getting existentialist, yes.

June 10, 2011

Why we published “Dawn of a new gay” BY: THE GRID

by Accidental Bear

We Homosexuals and friends of homosexuals are all ears.

About two months ago, Paul Aguirre-Livingston, a 24-year-old writer and blogger, approached The Grid with an idea for a personal essay about what it’s like to be part of the first group of gay men to come of age in Toronto in the era of legalized gay marriage. He had coined a term—the Post-Mo—to describe himself and the extended group of men he socializes with in downtown Toronto.

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June 1, 2011

15 Minutes of Anti-gay Hypocrisy by Men with Bad Toupees| Video

by Accidental Bear

The Family Research Council A Hate Group?
This is a montage of video clips of Tony Perkins & Peter Sprigg spewing outrageous claims and false information about the gay community. Hate comes nicely packaged in old, privileged, white guys.

May 25, 2011

032c Issue # 21 / MAG CULTURE.COM

by Accidental Bear

Magazines should never sit still, and this is one the refuses to be complacent in any way.

New visual tics from Mike Meiré in this issue include pencil-drawn headlines, exaggerated newspaper stylings for the Global Briefing section and even some clean modernist feature design. Plus a brutally coarse Juergen Teller shoot with model Kristen McMenamy that appears to have been retouched to roughen rather than smooth the imagery (as seen on cover, above) and stands in extreme contrast to the slicker fashion also in the issue. Truly mixing the old and new, ugly and beautiful

May 16, 2011

NYC Here Comes Two Storms called Aaron Smith & Anthony Iacono; Sloan Fine Art

by Accidental Bear

MAIN GALLERY: Aaron Smith, “Coterie of the Wooly-Woofter”

PROJECT ROOM: Anthony Iacono, “Victor Victoria”

RECEPTION: Friday, June 3rd, from 6 to 8 pm

EXHIBITION: June 2 through 26, 2011

Aaron Smith and Sloan Fine Art would like to invite you the join the ìCoterie of the Wooly-Woofter,î a bad-ass neo-dandy beardo brigade from beyond time. Part reality, part invention of the artist, the ìCoterie of the Wooly-Woofterî exemplifies a convergence of spectacular subcultures – from Dandyism, Freak Folk, Steam Punk and Bear Culture, to Beard and Mustache enthusiasts – that revel in the exaggeration of masculinity’s archetypes and encourage men to play freely with past forms of male identity.

Mixing images of Victorian and Edwardian gentlemen with those of men in his immediate circle, Aaron Smith paints with irreverent swagger. In each impasto portrait, woozy colors and aggressive surfaces act as a foil to the sitter’s stoic pose, maintaining a giddy ambivalence to nostalgia. Rounding out this collection of dapper gents are still lifes infused with historical and cultural references to the beauty and delight of a natty man.

Aaron Smith attended Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, where he is now an associate chair. Galleries in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York have mounted multiple solo exhibitions of his work and he has been included in group shows at galleries and museums nationwide including Laguna Art Museum, Frye Art Museum and Museum of South Texas. He was the first artist in residence at the J. Paul Getty Museum. Smith currently resides in Silver Lake, California with his husband Tom and their dogs Flora and Miles.

Running concurrently with ìCoterie of the Wooly-Woofterî in the project room, Sloan Fine Art is pleased to present “Victor Victoria,” new photographs by Anthony Iacono. Anthony Iacono’s interest in miniatures began as a boy. Gazing into his grandmother’s China Cabinet, he became infatuated with her collection of porcelain figures and decorative party favors. With his new body of work, “Victor Victoria,” the artist repurposes inherently androgynous Victorian miniatures, incorporating a variety of found and handmade elements to create fetishized, narrative portraits. The use of Play-Doh acknowledges the artist’s painterly hand, while the plasticity of the medium suggests ideas of the sensual. Fragments of toys, craft supplies and collectibles interrupt the gestural quality of the sculpted elements with gaudy embellishment. The artistís formal concerns with baroque lighting and decor saturate the compositions with insistent indulgence. The unconventional quality of Iaconoís chosen mediums refreshes his traditional influences, paying tribute to classical references through a contemporary vocabulary. And his apparent fixation with obsessive collecting and staging, paired with a fascination with theatrical performance and impersonation through costume and disguise become seamless partners within each decadent, ambiguous sculpture.

Anthony Iacono was born in Nyack, New York and currently resides in Brooklyn. He studied at Massachusetts College of Art and Design and the School of Visual Arts in New York where he received his BFA. While he has exhibited his painting, sculpture and photography in group exhibitions at Daniel Cooney Fine Art/ iGavel Auctions, CultureFix, Visual Arts Gallery and Greenpoint Gallery, Victor Victoria is Anthony Iaconoís first solo exhibition.

Sloan Fine Art
128 Rivington Street
(corner of Norfolk)
New York, NY 10002
Lower East Side

Hours are Wednesday to Sunday, noon to 6, and by appointment

Above images, from left to right: Aaron Smith “Chopsy,” 2011, oil on panel, 28″ x 24″ & photo of Aaron Smith. Anthony Iacono, “Miss Virginia Hamm,” 2011, c-print (edition of 3), 27″ x 19″ & photo of Anthony Iacono.

May 13, 2011

Bid for Warhol Self-Portrait Took 4EVER; $38.45 million

by Accidental Bear

Somethings are worth fighting for.


“Longest” Bid for Warhol Self-Portrait
By Editors

A Christie’s auction of post-war and contemporary art ended with a bang Wednesday night when a self portrait of pop-art icon Andy Warhol sold for $38.45 million after a 16-minute bidding war.

Following the sale of the piece, the auctioneer exclaimed it was the “longest lot in history.”

According to Forbes, an unidentified European buyer purchased the portrait, signed and dated “Andy Warhol/64.'” It’s also signed to Detroit art collector Florence Barron, who bought the piece originally for $1,600. READ MORE

March 29, 2011

Super Bear VS Evil Slut: At Peter Sorensens Art Studio Saturday

by Accidental Bear

It’s been leaked to me that there is a must see this weekend. Local artist, Peter Sorensens will be showing his newest work  named Super Bear VS Evil Slut. The name has me drawn in like Bears to honey. Drop by and say Hi. Happiness and laughing out loud is contagious when you are in Peters presence.




Come to a group show Bottles, Barbells and Babes and see his new work Super Bear VS Evil Slut at my studio this Saturday.

1890 Bryant Street Studio 209

Saturday, April 2 · 5:00pm – 8:00pm

March 25, 2011

PINUPS Mag Issue 14

by Accidental Bear

This is called excitement. PRE_ ORDER NOW!

Pinups is a triannual publication that features one male nude pictorial per issue. There are no words—just an exaggeration of the classic centerfold. Each magazine exists in book form but can be taken apart and tiled to reveal a 32” x 70” image. The magazine is printed in New York. Created by Christopher Schulz.

Issue 14
featuring Jos

Printed in New York, NY
May 2011
8″ x 10″, 56 pages
Comes apart to reveal a 70″ x 32″ poster of Jos
Black & white

March 21, 2011

All Eyes On Brett Gleason | Musician

by Accidental Bear

There is no extinguishing this fireball named Brett Gleason. He’s knocked me down with his good looks and picked me back up with his powerful voice and lyrics. It’s not often you hear of an artist being compared to Trent Reznor AND Tori Amos , but I totally get it. Brett runs with a creative posse in NYC with obvious influence in his music. Brett’s debut video for, ‘I Am Not’ was #1 on the LOGOs ‘The Click List‘ which was a baby step in preparation for the marathon of success he’s is about to embark on.

I am under the influence of Brett Gleason

photo by Thomas Evans


Brett Gleason’s first solo effort, ‘The Dissonance’ is a unique fusion of alternative rock and electronica, combining the dark electronic presence of Trent Reznor with the earnest, piano-based pop of Ben Folds. From Brooklyn by way of Long Island, Brett discovered a love for music at young age after an accident left him with a severe speech impediment, causing him to spend his free time alone with music and books. Later, he would attend the New School University in New York where he studied writing and music. In 2010, Gleason made his debut with the EP ”The Dissonance’, which he performed and recorded himself, debuting a video for the first single, ‘I Am Not’ at #1 on MTV Logo’s, ‘The Click List‘.’


March 16, 2011

Q & A with Scooter Laforge Part 3

by Accidental Bear

Accidental: Would you ever or have you had sex with a tranny?

Scooter: Yes, I think I would have sex with a tranny… she would have to be masculine…. well I should be honest.. I am really vanilla, I have never been with a woman, I just am an average joe who likes dudes.

Accidental: Mr. Laforge there ain’t nothing average about you! I think the majority of gays are vanilla, it’s just the extreme fringe that gets most of the publics attention.

Accidental: Whats the first thing you think of when I say Corn?

Scooter: Turds.

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