Man Robs Cupcake Store With Syringeful of HIV-Positive Blood

by Accidental Bear

Ok, here’s one for you to chew on. Crazy is as crazy does. Awe, poor cupcakes, they must have been terrified.

via Gawker

It’s hard to really put one’s finger on the precise moment a trend dies. Is it when you get your first photo of your mom planking on the washing machine? Or when adult soapbox derbies are profiled in a piece about the Portlandification of Brooklyn? Or, perhaps, when someone robs a cupcake store in Denver by waving around a syringe filled with HIV-positive blood? Yes, I do believe that last one would do it.

The incident in question happened last Thursday morning at Gigi’s Cupcakes in Denver. A man entered the store, grabbed a worker by the arm and quickly “forced her into a corner,” said her co-worker.

“He showed her the syringe. It was uncapped and (he said) it was full of his own AIDS blood. He said he was going to inject her if she didn’t open the register.”

The man eventually made off with $300. No one was hurt — except for the cupcake, which is now well and truly dead as a doornail. (P.S. Avoid the red velvets. They have a funny aftertaste.) [KDVRimage via Gigi’s Cupcakes]

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