2011-12 A/W Fashion Show London On Schedule –» Tim Soar

by Accidental Bear

Tim Soar

“Menswear needs designers who are unafraid to demand emotions and to make us weak at the knees. With designers like the clever design duo Steven Cox and Daniel Silver showing in New York and Damir Doma showing in Paris, Tim Soar has joined these ranks, this time in London.
Tim Soar began his artful career in the music scene, a scene that has proven to be a constant reference and inspiration in his work as one of London’s most promising menswear designers. He began to Dj and worked with Graham Ball, one of the masters of the London club scene. In 2005, the Tim Soar label was born, and his love of music and, perhaps, the past has had a strong presence in his work ever since. He has said about fashion, “What you see is what you get, and anything else seems superfluous”. These sobering and no nonsense words describe his clothes perfectly.” homocouture.wordpress.com


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