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May 13, 2011

SF Teachers & Students Rally Against a “state of emergency”

by Accidental Bear

Students, teachers, parents, unions and supporters gathered at City Hall in San Francisco this evening to make it clear that any more budget cuts toward education are not OK. At the forefront of their demands, demonstrators hope that state lawmakers will consider extending a sales tax increase, vehicle licensing fees, and other revenue generators set to expire June 30 that provide billions of dollars to schools each year, an event spokeswoman said ( Alameda Education Association president Patricia Sanders said, “The potential budget cuts are just insane,” Sanders said. “We’re possibly looking at cutting 20 days off a child’s school year, down from 180 days to 160 days.” Rallies were to take place today in Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Bernardino under what is being called “state of emergency” declared by the California Teachers Association. by Mike Enders

Photo credit: Mike Enders

May 13, 2011

Hateful ‘gay free zone’ stickers Gets Man Arrested

by Accidental Bear

I love unicorn, rainbow, cotton candy, water melon and kitten stickers but not anti-gay stickers. It seem like a lot of work just to post your hate publicly. Cases like this usually end up with the perpetrator going off his crazy meds or something mental health related. Now, will some get this boy some scratch and sniff snickers, aromatherapy has many proven benefits. I betcha no one has ever tried to cure homophobia with aromatherapy scratch and sniff stickers. ~AB


An 18-year-old man has been arrested and charged over homophobic stickers circulated throughout London’s East End.

An 18-year-old man has been arrested and charged over homophobic stickers circulated throughout London’s East End.
Mohammed Hasnath, of Leamouth, Tower Hamlets, is accused under section 5 of the Public Order Act relating to harassment, alarm or distress.

The stickers (pictured) were distributed around the Whitechapel, Shoreditch and Poplar areas between 11 and 14 February, featuring a rainbow flag with a line through it. The stickers specifically targeted schools and pubs, including the gay-friendly George and Dragon.

They read: “Arise and warn. Gay free zone. And Fear Allah; Verily Allah is severe in punishment.” 18 year-old Hasnath, who is currently on bail, will next appear at City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court on 1 June.

May 13, 2011

Hair Ball of the Day

by Accidental Bear

DANIEL from MKNG FRNDZ (by Amos Mac)

May 13, 2011

Men’s Fashion: Yes, No or Almost

by Accidental Bear

NO, not quite
Martin Margiela Line 10 Slit Neck T-Shirts

Second Look | Lou Dalton talks influences, Gypsies and the time Present’s Steve Davies walked for her catwalk

Patrik Ervell Pocket Sweater

YES. It’s all about the attitude
Band of Outsiders LeRoy Grannis Polo Shirt

May 13, 2011

LBGT Seniors Take Over Police Station as Home

by Accidental Bear

Maybe this may clear the karma of some of those wrong doings or discrimination that have occurred in the building. It is also possible that this new LGBT home for Seniors may help some of these old gay buggers fantasize about cops in uniform and prisoner role playing which will increase their sex drive. Hey, I am a glass half full kind of a guy. Nonetheless, I would still pull out some sage and smudge the place.

Chicago Police Station Converted to LGBT Senior Home
By Editors

A former police station on the North Side of Chicago that once symbolized discrimination will be incorporated into a housing development for LGBT seniors in the Boys town neighborhood.

According to the Chicago Sun Times, “For $1, the city will sell the old Town Hall District station, 3600 N. Halsted, to Heartland Housing Inc., sources said. The nonprofit developer will incorporate the old station into new construction of about 90 apartments for senior citizens.” READ MORE

May 13, 2011

OMG, his AMAZING butt: Jake Shears

by Accidental Bear


OMG, his AMAZING butt: Jake Shears.

May 13, 2011

Bid for Warhol Self-Portrait Took 4EVER; $38.45 million

by Accidental Bear

Somethings are worth fighting for.


“Longest” Bid for Warhol Self-Portrait
By Editors

A Christie’s auction of post-war and contemporary art ended with a bang Wednesday night when a self portrait of pop-art icon Andy Warhol sold for $38.45 million after a 16-minute bidding war.

Following the sale of the piece, the auctioneer exclaimed it was the “longest lot in history.”

According to Forbes, an unidentified European buyer purchased the portrait, signed and dated “Andy Warhol/64.'” It’s also signed to Detroit art collector Florence Barron, who bought the piece originally for $1,600. READ MORE

May 13, 2011

Artist/Model Benjamin Dukhan Blows My Mind: Dark, Mysterious & Gorgeous. Our Chat was Scrumptious!

by Accidental Bear

The first time I laid eyes on Benjamin Dukhan was a photo taking when he walked the runway for Jean Paul Gaultier. His glorious beard was not the usual for such a place. At that moment I was under some sort of spell. I needed to know more about this character. To my pleasure what I found wasn’t a gimmick, but Benjamin Dukhan and his gorgeous face mane is his staple look. Benjamin is as multi-layered as a seven layer cake, pretty on some levels and dark and sticky on the others. Some of his traits you can’t quite put your finger on and that is super refreshing. Benjamin Dukhan is a model, artist, singer and has taken part in contemporary dance performances for a few years. He has a timeless vibe to him that reminds me of old world vampires. Benjamin lives and breathes in Le Petit-Paris, France, which somehow makes prefect sense. Benjamin has an alter ego who is referred to as BURGER GIRL. Intrigued yet? If he were a book I wouldn’t be able to contain myself and I’d skip ahead, anticipating what’s next.

Burger Girl is sexy. Burger Girl has a beard. Burger Girl can’t help herself.

Benjamin Dukhan has taken part in contemporary dance performances for a few years. His latest shows, How Beautiful and XXXXXX Peladan , were staged extensively in Parisian apartments and art galleries. After stepping into the world of fashion modeling (JP Gaultier, Yoji Yamamoto, Wad Magazine, etc…) it was quite naturally that Ben met his lighter alter ego, Burger Girl.

Burger Girl is constantly torn between the spiritual and the sexual. She sees the link between them, even though she is often mistaken for a dirty freak. Burger Girl is an airhead with a conscience.

She also gives amazing juicy-spermy performances. Watch out for the Burger Girl!


(I found charm in our language barrier at times and left some of Ben’s translations unfixed for a cultural impact: POW!)

A B: How did the modeling career begin? Were you found or did you pursue it?

B D: First I’m a contemporary dancer. I’m really focus on that job. So I didn’t really pursue a modeling career. Actually, my modeling career began with my beard; after a year in Berlin working on my new performance, I came back to Paris with my long beard and the Paris fashion world found me. It was quiet new here to grow a beard like this. Nobody had. They still have this very old fashion little 3 days gay beard, you know the one that makes you a bit rebel, I decide to have an extreme one.

A B: The first time I remember seeing you was on the runway for Jean Paul Gaultier. Your were the perfect foxy male villain.

B D: Jean Paul Gaultier is the first designers I worked for, my first catwalk and  opening show. Maybe I looked like the male villain just because I only was really concentrated not to fall on the runway!! But I’m happy you say that because I always wanted to be the male villain. This is the best role ever! Showing the inside beast. It cost a lot of energy, more than being the preppy one but it’s more grateful, no, it’s more foxy as you say. I try to be the smart and kind one but it never works.

A B: You beard is magnificent! Tell me why you are more than a glorious beard? Has a beard put limits for designers?

B D: I hope there won’t be limits in the future. Designers want more and more beard guys!  Beard is the future. We have also to bring it back in our culture, our christian or Jewish culture. For now in France, I often hear in the street, look Bin Laden is back. So here, the black beard is considered as an Islamic attribute, which is really sad. I want the beard back as a masculine wise attribute. But if you want to know my beauty secret for my magnificent bear, this I don’t tell!!

A B: Is music your first passion?

B D: Probably yes, jut because I’m a very good under shower singer. But never I thought i would start to take it seriously. I started with this first title “Juicy Spermy” , the lyrics were very simple and ironic on that sex chat porn web society we are living in: I’m the burger girl, juicy spermy, Burger Girl. A friend of mine told me about this expression you have in America:” you sperm burger”; so I decided to be the Burger Girl, just for the beautiful sonority. I worked with a musician, and we really had fun to talk about dirty things, I don’t know why, maybe because it’s easier than talking about love. “Burn my Vagina” is also a big poem don’t you think? No there is nothing serious, it was just about shooting in a mega phone and pretend to be a slut. I don’t know how this is in San Francisco but Paris is not the city of love, in fact Paris is the city of sex. KissLamour is more “spiritual” but still ironic. Songs after songs, I hope I’ll find my way; I’m really self-taught person in everything I do. I need to experiment all sort of things, like singing, dancing, modeling, or having a beard.

A B: Your music reminds me of a band I once worshiped, Bauhaus with lead singer Peter Murphy. Dark and lovely. Tell me about your music and it’s influences?

B D: I don’t really have a music culture, this is not where I come from. I’m crazy for Nina Haggen, and her “New york”, and also fan of Diamanda Gallas. Our most beautiful french poetess Brigitte Fontaine is my master, she’s so clever, the way she observe our society.  I work with Edouard Desyon and he is the real musician in the duet. I just come to the studio with one or two lyrics and start to do improv, most of the time shooting in the microphone!!! 

A B: You said you have two new songs coming out. What should we expect from them?

B D: Hopefully you can expect to listen to them 10 times a day… I find them so fresh and maybe more clubbing music. I start a new collaboration with a pure electro producer so… Slut Machine, and BeBisard, the new titles. Still very clever songs with smart lyrics like “Insert your coin in my slut machine”: hight level!!!  or “that’s really bisard the way we fuck everyday”. I work on the video clip for this new songs. Music is here just a pretext for me to work on the video clip which combines dance, video art, research. Video clip is really good exercise to work on. I did Burn my Vagina clip, all almost all by myself, even the montage, it was a great experience. Now that I think about it all these amazing Vogueing “work my pussy” songs were also hight level, no?

A B: You live in Paris? Tell me about your love or hate with Paris.

B D: Ok, Paris is really exciting, everyone here wants to meet each other, collaborate; there are a lot of people, creative people and also very curious.

Paris is also really hard and strong. Paris doesn’t really exist if you don’t really exist for/by yourself, you know what I mean? You really have to be strong yourself to live here and also deal with how you let yourself go into the mood of this city. When I moved to Berlin, I was really bored by the french politics, the mentality here. I have now a lot of fun here in Paris.

A B: You are one of the most unique people I have come across in a long time. I’m intrigued. Where does your passion for art come from?

B D: Thank you. well I guess my passion come from anger, and also in these lands  between “let it go” and ” fight for what you want”.

A B: Where do you get our inspiration from?

B D: I get my inspiration in Pleasure which is really hard to find, because of this human laziness we have.

A B: Do you think it’s easier being gay in Paris than in the States?

B D: I don’t know so much about the states. I’ve only been to New York. I’m happy that the coming generation won’t have to worry about sexual and gender questions thanks to the older who worked a lot for our rights.unfortunately the new generation don’t care about that, girl boy, transgenders, gay straight, bi.. where does this question come from? from the 80’s???  Being gay doesn’t mean anything anymore! I always have been someone different from the other; when I was young because I did classical dance, when I was teenager, because I was so tall, when I was 20 because I was gay, and now because of my long Bin Laden beard. Being different is  not easy, but it’s also a chance.

A B: Still modeling? Up coming shows?

B D: I work on new dance creation and I’ll be off for this season; I can’t combine so I had to choose. So no runway for me this season unfortunately. Walking in front of all the fashion world is such an ego trip! i miss it!! I have shootings here and there, for Gaultier, associated with Mikkli (glasses and sunglasses), for magazine here in Europe. I want to keep a feet in that world; because for me it’s also the “YES” world compared to the dance contemporary world which is more the world of “maybe yes”. 

A B: Tell me anything about yourself that you want people to know.

B D: I want to live in San

A B: San Francisco would eat you up. Are you a vampire?

B D: Unfortunately not!

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