All Eyes On: Georg Lester ( photographer)

by Accidental Bear

Georgie Porgie Puddin’ pie, kissed the girls and made them cry…. IF THEY WERE LUCKY! Im talking about super snazzy  photo snapping San Franciscos own, Georg Lester. His photographs first caught my attention of his coverage of night club Cock Fight. The pictures appeared to taken while hanging from the rafters above by their unusual all encompassing angles. Over the years I’ve seen many of these “out on the town” sections in local gay rags where gays are “caught” looking like  hot messes. Georg from what I see ONLY captures people at their best. Being caught by his lens is like winning the lottery. This cuite-pa-tootie needs to be recognized! Can I get an AMEN!?! Following is some 411 I found on Mr. Lester.

Georg Lester is a local San Francisco photographer.

He specializes in shooting portraits and events. If you are interested in an appointment, please feel free to contact me.

Regarding photos posted here, if you plan on downloading any of the images, please respect his work and give credit where credit is due. Thanks!

If you are interested in an appointment, please send him an email to

BIO: 411 & Personal Journey

“Things that you might want to know is that I started my business about 2 1/5 years ago after putting my passion of photography on the back burner for so many years. With that done I am pursuing my passion now and having a blast doing so. I am interested in doing portraits and events.

Photography has always been part of my life. I started in high school working on the annual staff doing page layouts, but always wanted to take pictures. After the first year on the annual staff, the teacher in charge of it knew I wanted to be a photographer and had her staff photographers show me the ropes. So the my senior year I was a staff photographer. After high school I joined the Air Force  < HOT> and put my dreams aside for the next 4-5 years. That is when I started to work in the one-hour photo lab at Wal-mart, yes Wal-mart < keeping it real>. That really brought my passion of photography back, though I did not have a good camera at the time. I got to play with my pictures with the photo equipment. That job lasted almost 4 years. I got a job with One-Hour Moto Photo as a lab technician <climbing success ladder>. The business offered one hour portraits and there is where my dreams started waking up. I did not get to work in that studio. I moved to San Diego in 1995 and got a job at the same franchise and after a few weeks there, I was asked if I had ever shot in a portrait studio, I said I had not, but really wanted to. They gave me a chance at it and within a few weeks, I was the lead photographer, YIKES! < Super Star in the making> I was so happy. That lasted about two years and from there I started to do some freelance work outside of the studio. I did not have the right equipment at the time and could not afford to buy the right stuff. So spring forward to a couple of years ago, a boss asked me why I did not have a website or business card advertising myself. I said that I could afford it at the time. He offered to pay for my first of business cards and then things got rolling. I started to donate my services to a few non profits like HRC and REAL BAD.”


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  1. Hello there I really enjoy looking at your pics of Cockfight. What kind of camera do you use the pics are great.


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