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February 16, 2011

Man Crush of the Day: Tennis star Novak Djokovic (via THE MAN CRUSH BLOG)

by Accidental Bear

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Accidental Bear

Man Crush of the Day: Tennis star Novak Djokovic This is a first – a tennis-star crush! Ok, I don't watch tennis. I don't play it. But I don't mind the sport so much when fit guys like Novak Djokovic puts on a bit of a show by beating the competition and ripping off his shirt for all to marvel at his un-manscaped chest. I like exposing everyone to guys from all over the world so this one comes from Serbia. Novak's won two Grand Slam singles titles (I know something else, or shall I say someone … Read More


February 16, 2011

SF’s Sui GENERIS; Expansion of Brilliance on Upper Market

by Accidental Bear

The  owners of  have done it again, they are SF’s Power couple to watch out for! Their eye for fashion is a super power they have fine tuned. They must live in a stylish bat cave in the mountain scheming up ways to take over the world. First step,take over SF which they have put into effect. They have expanded to now 2 locations and will be will be taking a hold of the ladies market as well and dressing them in the finest fashions from around the world.


Sui GENERIS Ille is up and running at our gorgeous new location at 2231 Market Street. We maintained the same aesthetic and feel as our previous stores but have more than doubled the square footage, providing a more complete shopping experience for our clients.

As any smart consignment shopper knows; those who shop frequently end up with the best pieces. So if you haven’t done so already, we invite you to come and see our new space for yourself.

Take a peek at some of the looks we are featuring in our store right now.

Left: Ralph Lauren Quilted Jacket with Detachable Hood Size M $152, Yves Saint Laurent V-neck wool sweater Size L $162.50, Prospective Flow Long Sleeve Checkered Shirt Size S $152, Pierre Cardin Vintage wool pants Size 34 $182, Silk Adjustable Bow Tie $18 Right: L’uomo Plaid Wool blend V-neck sweater Size S $112, Prospective Flow Long Sleeve Shirt Size S $152, Sergio Davila Windowpane Wool Pants Size 32 $182 

Yves Saint Laurent Corduroy 2-Button Sport Coat Size 38 $426 (Sold), Ralph Lauren Checkered Long Sleeve Shirt Size M $33, Gucci Khaki Pants Size 32 $122, Silk Printed Pocket Square $10 

Right: Vintage Jean Paul Gaultier Navy Pinstripe Pants Size 34 $284, Michael Bastian Long Sleeve Shirt Size M $112, Vintage Navy Suspenders $29 Left: Sergio Davila Blue Wool Pants Size 31 $182, Marc by Marc Jacobs Burgundy Cardigan Size S $112, Marc Jacobs Striped Long Sleeve Shirt Size M $76.50 

Vintage Issey Miyake Black Wool Pants Size 34 $258, Y’s by Yohji Yamamoto Black Long Sleeve Shirt Size M $122, Vintage Suspenders $26 

Vintage Matsuda Wool Tuxedo Jacket Size 40 $840, J. Lindeberg Black Wool Pants Size 32 $96.50 

Vintage Yohji Yamamoto Shawl Collar Tuxedo Size 40 $1,240 

If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment for consignment, call us at 415-437-2265

For More Info on their expansion and new store read more here:

Sneak peek to our Men’s & Women’s Boutique

Sui GENERIS “Ille” Boutique
2231 Market St.
San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 437-2231

Now Open : Sui GENERIS “illa” Boutique
2265 Market St.
San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 437-2265



February 16, 2011

Empress of SF. Why Should I Care?

by Accidental Bear

What is this Empress thing all about anyhow? I’ve been attacked on corners on 18th and Castro by screaming drag-queens and supporters holding signs, ” Vote for so and so! VOTE!” It all most sounds like a drunken street fight the noise and energy level is so loud. I roll my eyes and move along. Usually I am purposely dodging drunks on the side walk , completing a few errands and run from the Castro ( I work in the neighborhood and at the end of the day, although I love the Castro, I need OUT!) My cynical self wonders what kind of attention these men in wigs want now and why are they running for the position of this thing called “Empress”. What’s their purpose? Why should I care? This is why…

So I’ve done some research and found out their whole purpose in life is not just to annnoy me.


The Imperial Council of San Francisco, Inc.

A not-for-profit 501(c)(3) Public Benefit Corporation in the State of California that hosts and participates in a variety of entertainment and educational events, and activities to raise monies, which support the causes of other diverse community-based charitable organizations that do not discriminate based upon race, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion or ethnic background.

Our purpose is to collect charitable contributions from individuals and organizations, to distribute those contributions to other not-for-profit 501(c)(3) public benefit charitable organizations, and to have fun while doing it.

Our intent is to allow membership to any individual or organization. Though our primary membership is drawn from the LGBT culture we believe everyone has the right of inclusion and the desire to help their community.

For list of contestants:


Ok, I get it! I applaude “do-gooders. Just stay out of my way.

February 16, 2011

Meanwhile, Gang of Four was playing in other room

by Accidental Bear

Sometimes the best songs happen on the b-side or the best performance happens in the back room (no thats not a pun for butt sex). Check out The Nationals


photos by David Andrako

The National


There was quite the lineup of shows at Webster Hall last night (2/8). While Gang of Fourwas tearing up the main stage, a band that could easily fill that room (and much more) was in a smaller one in the same building, The Studio at Webster Hall. That band wasThe Nationalwhose surprise performance in the tiny space was part of an MTV ‘Live in NYC’ taping that will be available to watch on on 2/21

As I expected, the band plays their heart out no matter what the circumstances are or the size of the stage. Berninger is much a exciting performer now, then he was back in the day. He screams, he jumps on things, he rocks back and forth and even tried doing a little crowd surfing. Can you blame him? That band has progressed nicely into one of the premiere American rock bands…

Despite the rather cramped settings, this was great show to witness. They picked all crowd pleasing tracks from High VioletThe Boxer andAlligator. Lucky You from Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers was a nice surprise… When Matt mentioned the taping for MTV, he insisted that all the songs were inspired by Jersey Shore. -[Music Snobbery]

It kicked off at 9pm, and the band left the stage around 10:20. Check out the setlist (all bolded titles were taped for MTV), and more pictures from the show below.


February 16, 2011


by Accidental Bear

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February 16, 2011

Pic of Day

by Accidental Bear

I need a place like this for my afternoon grandpa naps!

February 16, 2011

Durable, Daring DILF Khakis! (VIDEO)

by Accidental Bear




If you are not quite sure what DILF means google it of click here. Nowadays because people like Joan Rivers who is out living cockroaches we now have the terms GILF







James Van Der Beek sports the hottest new pants around, DILF Khakis, for the dad you know you’d like to fu- in a pair of flat fronts or pleated. For more of Van Der Week, head over to

February 16, 2011

Hickory is One Hairy Bitch; Best of Show 2011

by Accidental Bear
Cover of "Best in Show"

Shout out to AWESOME film

Round and round they go, prancing and dancing and the occasional acting out ( my favorite part of show). These dogs go through more primping than Ryan Seacrest. They, in fact borrow his hair products. I always have anxiety for the contestants owners. I want to have a reality show about over weight unhealthy dog trainers. Half the women and men running their prize dogs in lovely circles look as if they may collapse of overexertion. I imagine myself on the side lines offering them gatorade ,  marathon style.


It’s Hickory! Scottish deerhound, who loves to chase wild animals, is crowned best in show at Westminster dog show


It’s been a claw-biting two days at the Westminster Dog Show.

But after endless elimination rounds and countless bottles of hairspray, a deerhound named Hickory has galloped to victory.

The five-year-old female took the ‘best in show’ gong after beating off stiff competition from six others, including a Portuguese Water Dog, the breed that captured the hearts of President Obama and his family last year.

Top dog: Scottish Deerhound, Hickory, impressed Judge PaoloDondina enough for him to crown her best in show


Read more:

February 16, 2011

Manly Fashion: Adam Kimmel Fall 2011

by Accidental Bear

“There’s an eagle scarf, a forest knit, and—merciful heavens—a Sasquatch tee.”


When Adam Kimmel was a kid, the Pacific Northwest meant Twin Peaks and River’s Edge: dark, creepy mood pieces with enough wickedness to capture a rebel teen imagination. How reassuring that Kimmel’s adult experience of the region should so perfectly match his fantasy. That’s thanks to artist Dan Attoe, the man who inspired the designer’s Fall 2011 collection. It was wild in them thar hills when Kimmel and his wife, Leelee, went to stay with the Attoes. In the celluloid aide-mémoire that the couple made to go with the show, Attoe rides his motorbike through snowcapped majesty and gets set upon by Bigfoot—the consummate Northwestern experience, in other words—and you can feel the designer falling under the spell of this “backwoods motorcycle punk,” as he calls him.


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