by Accidental Bear

Take a moment to remember Fellow human being that left this world early.

A year ago today the world lost Brendan Burke, son of Toronto Maple Leafs GM Brian. Brendan was killed in a car crash on a snowy highway in Indiana.
Brendan will be memorialized at a game tonight with the team he worked for, Miami University, and the University of Michigan, with Miami wearing special jerseys in honour of their former student manager.
Just mere months before his death, the 21 year old took it upon himself to open the door to future athletes. Brendan, with his father by his side, came out to the media and announced that he was gay. This brought a lot of attention to himself, and brought the topic of homosexual athletes into the spotlight. This is a battle that Brian Burke, and many athletes through the NHL will continue to fight in spite of the loss of a brave young man.
Brendan Burke is a pioneer in sports, and will be remembered for his bravery. His life was short, but he made the most of it, and years from now, his courage will mark the beginning of a new era of not just hockey, but sports in general.

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