Keep Your Votes off My Turtle Neck; Circumcision Ban Heading to S.F. Voters

by Accidental Bear

Stay out of my uterus and definitely leave my sleeping bag alone (foreskin). I really cannot believe this is even on the ballot. How could anyone have a seriously consider “male genital mutilation”? What’s more absurd, is the idea that someone outside of the family will make the decision for you. What thee hell is wrong with these people. it is so confusing to me that our universe can produce people like lady Gaga and Lloyd Schofield who is leading the effort to criminalize circumcision. Really, we should test their DNA to make sure they are human, both of them. ~AB


By Editors

A November ballot initiative will ask San Francisco voters if they want to ban circumcision procedures in their city.

The effort to criminalize circumcision is being led by gay San Franciscan Lloyd Schofield, who believes the procedure is barbaric and dangerous, referring to it as “male genital mutilation.” Schofield gathered the necessary signatures needed to place it on San Francisco’s ballot for the November 8 municipal election, CNN reports. Should San Francisco approve the ban, anyone found performing the procedure could go to jail and face a fine — there would be no religious exemptions.

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5 Comments to “Keep Your Votes off My Turtle Neck; Circumcision Ban Heading to S.F. Voters”

  1. I don’t know that banning it is the right way to go. I don’t know if messing with people’s faith (such as Jewish) is useful. But on the other hand I am surprised AB at your reaction. It is male genital mutilation. Doctors and Priests are cutting off part of a baby’s penis for NO REASON. The important thing is to have the truth about why we do this.

    That would be like cutting the top of the ear off because it occasionally gets wax in there. There is no proven reason for circumcision other then to look like other guys.

    In fact this link lists 12 benefits of the foreskin.

    I will say though that there is a man that walks around Berkley wearing a t-shirt that says Foreskin Orgasms as a political act. Maybe it’s his initiative.

  2. Um excuse me but I can have a civil serious conversation about male genital mutilation. mutilation = destruction of normal healthy tissue. It is painful, risky, and medically unnecessary. It is an act of rape to violate a helpless child in this way. Elective surgery on an adult is a different story. The glans penis is a mucous membrane, supposed to be thin, moist and shiny like the inside of your nose. It is NOT skin, but turns into a dried out scarred crusty desensitized mess when the prepuce is removed (the skin removed is the size of a 3×5 card on an adult man and contains many specialized cells including nerve endings). As a health practitioner in training, I urge you to study this part of normal human anatomy in more detail. It’s far from a “useless flap of skin”. God created it for a reason. For pleasure and to keep your junk tender and safe when not in use.

    See for yourself: moist and mobile, or scaly and scarred?

  3. What’s absurd is that someone inside my family made my decision for me.

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