Trans March to Kick off SF Gay Gay Gay Pride 2011

by Accidental Bear

My brothers milkman’s sister’s cousin’s grocer is a FTM…. this qualifies me to march and party like it’s 1999 (wait, what!?!) Pride comes in all colors purple, burnt umber, blanched almond and my favorite color, camel. Rock out with our cock out, sorry mom.

Trans March 2011

Dolores Park

San Francisco, CA 941

 [vimeo 25289627 w=400 h=225]
 June 24, 2011, 3:30pm

In Honor of the 45th Anniversary of the Compton’s Cafeteria Riots:
Serving Up Human Rights Since 1966

See & Be Seen @ Dolores Park 3:30 – 6:30
March to UN Plaza @ 6:30

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