Gay Bookstores, Going, Going…

by Accidental Bear

It is sad in general to see book stores closing when statistics of kids graduating from high school illiterate is rising. That’s right I said illiterate! Gays have always had book stores as safe spots to gather outside of piss smelling bars. Some book stores even have viewing booths in the back with mysterious waste high holes in the wall. San Francisco is loosing one of its community staples in the Castro, A Different Light Book Store. What a huge loss for the area as a whole. On an up note I saw a happy member of the community with a 3 feet high stack of porn DVD’s that were going for $2. a piece at the counter anxiously wanting to hurry home and “get busy”.

Whither Gay Bookstores in Calif.?

By Neal Broverman

A Different Light bookstore in San Francisco’s Castro neighborhood will close at the end of this month, but does its departure mean California will be without a gay bookstore?

An Associated Press article from Saturday stated that the Golden State will be gay bookstore-less once A Different Light shutters this month after decades of operation; the bookstore’s West Hollywood branch closed in 2009. But gay-friendly bookstores remain in California, even if they’re not considered gay bookstores, per se. For example, San Diego’s Obelisk bookstore in the gay-centric Hillcrest neighborhood sells jewelry and comic books, as well as LGBT books and HRC merchandise. Circus of Books operates two Los Angeles-area locations — one on West Hollywood’s gay main drag, Santa Monica Boulevard, and another in the gay-friendly neighborhood of Silver Lake — and both stores stock gay novels, magazines, and erotica.

The owner of the Circus of Book stores, Karen Mason, acknowledges her stores serve mainly LGBT customers but she doesn’t see her operations as gay bookstores. READ FULL STORY

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