Levi’s Water Less ‘Made in USA’ Selvedge Denim Collection

by Accidental Bear

I don’t know about you but I’m wet thinking about it! (Hardy har har ha)


Water Less ‘Made in USA’ Selvedge Denim Collection

Levi's Water Less 'Made in USA' Selvedge Denim Collection

Levi’s is using a new process which significantly reduces the amount of water used in the production of their jeans. They’re calling it the Water<Less Collection. “The average pair of jeans uses 42 litres of water in the finishing process. The Water<Less collection reduces the water consumption by an average of 28% and up to 96% for some new products in the line.” It’s a fitting change in production and fabrication. To celebrate the Water<Less method, Levi’s is also launching a limited line of “made in the U.S.A.” selvedge jeans and trucker jackets. The original 501, 505, and 511 models are available in “authentic” Water<Less finishes.

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