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March 21, 2011

Things I Want; Please and Thank You; FCKH8 T-Shirt

by Accidental Bear
Say it loud. Say it proud… in 100% comfy cotton! We’re gay. We’re STR8. We’re standing together to FCKH8! Do good and look good doing it – while helping to F-bomb the forces of H8. $5 from each shirt goes to help fund queer youth counseling & suicide prevention!

March 21, 2011

God Dammit Bjork!

by Accidental Bear

BjorkIs this Björk‘s ‘most ambitious and exciting work to date’? Photograph: Dominic Favre/AFP/Getty Images

I have fought tooth and nail to avoid HAVING to get an iphone. This past week I have been bombarded with media releases only available as apps. But this latest release has pushed me over the line, Björk’s app album!

PS Bjork, I love you



Do Björk’s apps break new ground?

The singer’s shows at the Manchester international festival will be accompanied by ‘companion apps’. Is this the future?

It has been announced that Björk has chosen this year’s Manchester international festival to unveil what a suitably breathless press release describes as her “most ambitious and exciting work to date”. In six shows across June and July, everyone’s favourite Icelander will premiere a multimedia project called Biophilia. Apparently it’s all to do with the universe and the planets and atomic structure and whatnot. It all sounds a bit like Professor Brian Cox the Musical (in a good way). READ MORE



This summer, Björk introduces Biophilia, an extraordinary immersive project and her most ambitious work to date. The multi-media endeavour encompasses her music, installations and live shows, and celebrating the use of modern technology by utilising the internet. The project aims to explore ideas like how sound works, the infinite expanse of the universe, from planetary systems to atomic structures.

Read more @ Dazed Digital

March 21, 2011

Gay Erotica Writers Arrested in China

by Accidental Bear

Every time I take a peek over that great China Wall I do not like what I see. The site that these women were writing for had 600,000 registered users. Thats a great sign that there is an enormous amount of interest in what they a writing. Good lord, should  all 600,000 registered users be  living in fear now? I wish China could hit a reset button and start all over. You have to many “bugs” in our system to be worked out. I fear you from way over here.


China: Gay Erotica Writers Arrested

By Editors


Thirty-two Chinese women are being detained for writing fictional gay sex stories for a pornography website based in Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan province.

The writers as well as the site’s owner were detained Monday on charges of spreading obscene materials, according to Shanghai Daily. Police said the site had published 80,000 fictional stories, and 1,500 were deemed illegally obscene. The site, which was not identified in the report, has 600,000 registered users.

The 28-year-old owner, only identified by her last name, Wang, said the stories were written mostly by women in their 20s, who were paid about $15 per published piece.


March 21, 2011

Accidental Bear Talks with Brett Gleason; Q & A

by Accidental Bear

photo by Walt Cessna

Accidental B. : I myself try to mediate to calm myself. When you shut your eyes where do you go? Do you see music?

Brett Gleason: I usually see morphing colors that correspond to sound, sort of like an experimental multimedia presentation. I used to meditate but too many issues come up, I’d rather run (I’m very fast).

Accidental B. : I read you know how to play many instruments? Do you use a variety when you play live shows of do you keep it simple and stripped down on stage?
Brett: I play all the instruments in my music but the piano is my main writing tool so that’s what I play on stage. I used to play with a band but am putting together a solo act where I play along with beats and samples so I can get around more easily.

Accidental B. : When I say the word rainbow what’s your first thought?

Brett: Lame. Some colors suck.

Accidental B. : Would you classify your music as gay music?

Brett: Not at all, I don’t even know what that means. As far as I’m concerned, animals have sexuality, inanimate objects do not. My parents are straight, they made me and I’m gay: therefore, the creator does not project their sexuality upon their creations, they exist as separate entities.

Accidental B. : Love love LOVE this answer. I have always considered my writing and blog gay and beyond. Claiming to be just one orientation has it’s limits.

Accidental B. : What if you were referred to as a sex symbol ( by me), would you object to be to being objectified, like a piece of meat? :)

Brett: I’m cool with that, anything but being ignored. I’d like to think that eventually people would be curious as to what this piece of meat does and venture into my music.

Accidental B. : What’s the underground music scene vibe like in NYC these days?

Brett: I’m not really the one to ask, even for an ‘underground’ musician I’m pretty isolated though I would say that New York is becoming such an expensive and commercially driven city that I can’t quite imagine it’s thriving. Making music is expensive but it’s nothing compared to the rent. There used to be a glamor to being a struggling artist but I’m coming across more condescension, as if something isn’t worthwhile unless it’s immediately profitable.

Accidental B. : If you were forced to do a do a duet who would be your first choice?

Brett: Tori Amos. I would give her a big hug, smell her hair and then sing, ‘Father Lucifer’ together (her playing the piano, me splayed out across it).

Accidental B. : Cut or uncut?
What am I from a third world country? Cut ;)

Accidental B. : YES! I feel like an investigative reporter when I get this good stuff out of stars. Next goal, make people cry like Barbara Walters!

Accidental B. : A tiger in bed or a little pussy cat?

Brett: Whatever the latest Mac OSX is – maybe a snow leopard? Grrr.

Accidental B. : I guess this is also in the eyes I of the beholder. I see you as a jack Rabbit! Wait ?!?! What are we talking about …

Accidental B. : Prefer a smooth face or facial hair?

Brett: Facial hair please, I can’t afford a properly exfoliating face wash and hairless people remind me of dolphins.

Accidental B. : Good man! You are charming my audience.

Accidental B. : Do have any tour dates in SF coming up?

Brett: Travel? What’s that? I haven’t left the tri-state area in almost 4 years. I’m truly bankrolling this all myself so for now, it’s NYC or bust.

Accidental B. : When I say taint whats the first thing that comes to your mind?

Brett: Yum

Accidental B. : Ha ha , now you are charming me.

Accidental B. : Gay marriage , your thoughts?

Brett: Yes, please.

Accidental B. : This ones for all the men out there hoping to meet you (get in your pants). Are you single?

Brett: I’ve been single for a while and am seriously fearing my ability to connect. I’ve been so focused on music that relating to people on any other level is becoming a challenge. Will you save me from myself?

Accidental B. : Dude, I like this level you speak of. I promise you there’s a special person out there soaring in space wondering when/ where are they going to meet you, yet don’t know that its you they’re looking for. Much love to you my friend! See you on the radio.

March 21, 2011

All Eyes On Brett Gleason | Musician

by Accidental Bear

There is no extinguishing this fireball named Brett Gleason. He’s knocked me down with his good looks and picked me back up with his powerful voice and lyrics. It’s not often you hear of an artist being compared to Trent Reznor AND Tori Amos , but I totally get it. Brett runs with a creative posse in NYC with obvious influence in his music. Brett’s debut video for, ‘I Am Not’ was #1 on the LOGOs ‘The Click List‘ which was a baby step in preparation for the marathon of success he’s is about to embark on.

I am under the influence of Brett Gleason

photo by Thomas Evans


Brett Gleason’s first solo effort, ‘The Dissonance’ is a unique fusion of alternative rock and electronica, combining the dark electronic presence of Trent Reznor with the earnest, piano-based pop of Ben Folds. From Brooklyn by way of Long Island, Brett discovered a love for music at young age after an accident left him with a severe speech impediment, causing him to spend his free time alone with music and books. Later, he would attend the New School University in New York where he studied writing and music. In 2010, Gleason made his debut with the EP ”The Dissonance’, which he performed and recorded himself, debuting a video for the first single, ‘I Am Not’ at #1 on MTV Logo’s, ‘The Click List‘.’


March 21, 2011

Hair Ball of the Day Logan McCree

by Accidental Bear

March 21, 2011

Team Robbo is an Intentionally Amorphous and Anonymous Graffiti Crew

by Accidental Bear

Thats it! I am filling my back pack with fat sharpies , spray paint, some stencils and anything else that will mark up a good abandoned concrete wall. I will take pics and post on line and then ( drum roll please) , I’ll be mutha’ Fn’ famous in no time!



Team Robbo “The Sell-Out Tour”

robbo 01 curatedmag Team Robbo The Sell Out Tour

Already a legend within the international graffiti community, London’s ‘King Robbo’ will soon lead his entire UK crew (known to the world as ‘Team Robbo’) into Signal Gallery for their first gallery show of the year. Team Robbo is an intentionally amorphous and anonymous graffiti crew, which has now grown into The Team Robbo Network. Its presence stretches across the world, overseas members working in collaboration with their UK counterparts. Team Robbo UK will be represented in this show by core crew members:  ROBBO, CHOCI-ROC, DOZE, FUEL, PRIME and P.I.C. – some of whom have worked together as a crew for around 25 years!

The exhibition is set to open on April 8, 2011 and run through May 7, 2011.

Signal Gallery
32 Paul Street
Hoxton, London, EC2A 4LB


March 21, 2011

Daniel Radcliffe Gets Gay Praise

by Accidental Bear
Actor Daniel Radcliffe

Image via Wikipedia

This is an awesome honor for Harry Potter. I am also interested when the next nude photo shoot will be. *** Call Me***


Daniel Radcliffe to be Honored by Trevor Project

By Editors


Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe will be honored by the Trevor Project for his work with the organization to prevent LGBTQ youth suicides.

The Associated Pressreports that Radcliffe will receive the Hero Award from the Trevor Project in New York City in June. The award recognizes someone who has served as an inspiration to LGBTQ youths and increased understanding of the community. Past recipients have included Nathan Lane, Dustin Lance Black and Vanessa Williams.


March 21, 2011

Hunters influence Mens Fashion

by Accidental Bear

A secret gap in the rear, makes me think of other things besides fashion. I am liking the use of hunting as an inspiration and that bright neon orange was left out is refreshing. What would I do with the vent flap in the back. Maybe I’ll get a gang of Chihuahuas and them roam back there.


via Selectism

Highland ‘Shotgunner’ Jacket

Selectism - highland-shotgunner-jacket-01

Using hunting as inspiration for jackets is nothing new, but we still like it when it’s done nicely. Other things we like: curved pockets (straight ones are a little hard for things like putting your hands in them) and the back vent, which makes it a solid choice for a spring jacket. Also, who’s the guy in the picture? He should start a blog or something. (Opening Ceremony)


Selectism - highland-shotgunner-jacket-02
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