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March 3, 2011

O’Reilly Cheerleads Against the Westboro Baptist Church

by Accidental Bear

For once O’Reilly and I are on the same side. How do you say,  “SHUT THE F**K UP BITCH nicely? ” O’Reilly does his best. But I wish he had ended with a bitch slap!



O’Reilly Slams Westboro Baptist Church

By Editors


Bill O’Reilly and Fox News anchor and attorney Megyn Kelly get into it on the air over the Westboro Baptist Church verdict, with O’Reilly calling them “vile idiots who are happy our soldiers are coming home dead.”

Kelly supports the SCOTUS verdict, saying she doesn’t like what Westboro stands for, but she does like the First Amendment.

Watch their argument here

March 3, 2011

Bruce Cohen Pulled out the “gay kiss”

by Accidental Bear

This seems a little fishy to me. A shot of his wife clapping and tearing up is more exciting than watching Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem dancing and their kissing? I don’t think so. Cohen may be in charge but Im sure there is a team up big wigs making every decision on who turns which way, who get more air time or anytime at all. I say don’t attack Cohen , attack the network.


Bruce Cohen Attacked on Wikipedia

By Editors


Academy Awards producer Bruce Cohen has been attacked on his Wikipedia page, due to his perceived role in ABC cutting away from a kiss between actors Javier Bardem and Josh Brolin during the telecast last Sunday, reportsMovieline.

Cohen, who is gay, was called a “liar who claims he does not partake in the homophobia of the ABC network when clearly he does,” according to the update by an anonymous user. Cohen, who produced the Oscar-winning biopic Milktold The Advocate any claims the cutaway was intentional are not true.

“There was nothing intentional about our cut away from Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem dancing and their kiss. We had planned to cut to a reaction shot of Javier’s wife, Academy Award-winner Penelope Cruz, in the audience when they were introduced and that’s what we did.”


March 3, 2011

Yes I Can’t; Tell Kids the truth.

by Accidental Bear

Telling a child that he/she can do anything they set they’re mind to is a flat out lie and setting children up for life long frustration and sense of not living up to your expectations or their abilities. Have we forgotten about genetics? This is a simple factor that plays into what you can and cannot do. I for instance know my short comings and do have the capacity to be the President of the USA. Be glad for that. Although growing up, I was told that if I wanted to , I could be president. Sweet grown up, but liars. Do you think kids know you are lying as they are telling you this BS? I think so.

You can be the best you can by giving “it” your all, sure. My father raised me and my siblings with the tone of a used car saleman. He coached us with pep talks. Layered on the BS to build our self-esteem, but only set us up to feel like failures every time we didn’t come in first place, or get a job and meet the right “girl”. I swam  and dove on local swim  team while growing up and always came in second and third but never first. I would wonder why I sucked so bad , because , I was told I could come in first at what ever I tried. And I tried my darndest and 2nd and 3rd was my best.

Do you think a child dealing with the fact that they may be gay believes that if they try hard enough they can be straight?

This must carry on into adult hood. Be anything you want, as long as you set your mind to it ; FALSE. I want to have an awesome swimmers build with 6% body fat and win karaoke comepetions , but I sound like a squeaky care tire needing more air and genetics have made me hairy from head to toe and at whatever weight I am, have a little tire around the middle ( thanks dad, be all I can be).

So, we are set up for mental failure and low self esteem by the good intention of our parents. Actually I believe its the laziness of our parents not being creative enough to give us the truth and make the truth of not BEING #1 at anything you want it normal and OK. If we don’t change this glamorized way of thinking our  your kids will be set up never being able to reach their expectations of themselves, because they will be reaching to high. I say reach for the lowest star. He you achieve it awesome, if not you wont be beating yourself over the head.

March 3, 2011

Radiohead and PJ Harvey – a study in awkwardness

by Accidental Bear

PJ, a special thanks to you for putting out a new album to get me through the year. There’s nothing like long train rides in the rain with PJ in your ear to help your  thoughts and self reflection leap forward and out.





PJ Harvey in Athens. Photograph: ‘Adamantios’ (via Wikimedia Commons)

1992: PJ Harvey releases Dry, and it is oh, very angry and very raw.

1993: Radiohead release Pablo Honey, which is marketed, bizarrely, with Beavis and Butt-head in mind:

Radiohead – better than Butt-head! Oxford England’s rowdiest new band. Huh-huh-huh, music that doesn’t suck. Featuring the self-loathing anthem ‘Creep’.

Who could have imagined that nearly two decades later, both artists would be releasing their eighth studio albums, in completely different ways but both with an enormous amount of critical acclaim? With the hype that comes with a new album, it could be that PJ Harvey’s  Let England Shakeand Radiohead’s The King of Limbs offers an introduction to the music of two of the UK’s most consistently surprising and interesting artists.

In the pioneering spirit that comes with a new band to listen to, this feature would ask – if it could talk to you – that you put down your iPad, turn your Kindle to kindling, shove all distractions aside and listen without prejudice, not just to these new remarkable albums but to the entire back catalogue of PJ and Radiohead. Of course, many out there would already be familiar with the music, but even so, let’s use this as an opportunity of discovery and re-discovery.

PJ Harvey, Madonna-like in her ability to change her style, is one of the most innovative performers of her generation. It’s hard to over-exaggerate the impact Polly has had on a music industry with few genuinely powerful female figures, especially powerful figures that remain relevant. Signed to a major record label for all her career, she has used her mental fragility as a key tool in her armour and sex, religion, death and love form the themes for many of her tracks.

Harvey uses her sexuality as a way to gain attention in the press and accompanies her music with striking visual identities; initially all legs and hairy armpits, she seems to change her dress sense in tandem with her moods. She’s currently rocking a selection of fetching gowns accessorised by equally fetching head dresses, extending her Victorian-themed look from ‘White Chalk’. The sombre look perfectly complements the sorrowful mood of Let England Shake, interested as it is in death and the futility of war. READ MORE

March 3, 2011

Art Watch: Hine [hee-neh] Mizushima

by Accidental Bear

Japanese Illustrator, Crafter, Puppet stop-motion animation video artist who lives in Vancouver, Canada.
Opening March 3rd: A four-ring Needle Felting Extravaganza!
4 artists, 4 themes, 1 show! at gallery hanahou in NYC!
611 Broadway, Suite 730, NYC
7th Floor of the Cable Building

Watch my newest music video for They Might Be Giants!

My art website

Etsy shop



エクトプラズム 捕獲しました。 I caught an Ectoplasm!




Squid Brothers

March 3, 2011

Cruising or Ordering a Burger, You need to be Specific

by Accidental Bear

Personal preference and offensive. Or is this just our insecurities about wanting everyone to like you. I’ve have had interest in men before and they have expressed that they ONLY LIKE ( attracted to) Asians , but I did’nt cry or scream racism. Also back in my dating days I would read profiles stating that they ” ONLY LIKE SMOOTHE MEN”. I didn’t read this as , they hated me for being hairy, but that they just woudlnt want to be intimate with me. These are hook up sites ( sexual encounters), so I personally think its ok to be specific as you want to be. Almost like ordering a burger. Medium or rare? Blue cheese or cheddar? In order to get what you want, you have to express exactly what you want and don’t want. Just because a person states they are only looking for ‘white men’ doesn’t mean they are KKK. Stop reading to much between the lines because it just makes thing blurry.



Profile prejudice

Photograph: Li Kim Goh 

The rise of gay dating websites and apps like Gaydar and Grindr has exposed a troubling undercurrent of what one campaign group calls ‘sexual racism’ – the tendency for some users to include statements like ‘no Asians’ or ‘blacks only’ in their profiles.  While those users might claim that such statements are fair, or even trivial, for others they represent a stinging attack on their ethnicity and dignity. So, what’s the truth: is ‘no Asians’ a way to express a harmless personal preference? Or is it actually offensive, or even harmful – and if so, how can it, and statements like it, be tackled?

Gaydar revolutionised gay sexual freedom when it took advantage of an increasingly sophisticated online scene back in the early 2000s.  Roll the calendar forward to the 2010s, and GPS-enabled smartphones make it even easier for gay guys to meet each other using apps like Grindr.  It’s never been easier to find sex, dates and relationships; some might even claim that for the gay community, still relatively marginalised and isolated as recently as a decade ago, Gaydar, Grindr and the like have made life better. Unless, that is, you’ve been written off as unattractive because of the colour of your skin. READ MORE

Hiding behind anonymity? 

March 3, 2011

Hair Ball of the Day

by Accidental Bear


March 3, 2011

Barney Frank, You’re Cute and I Trust you. Are we in a Relationship?

by Accidental Bear

I can only take politics in small doses or by Twitter feeds. I am obsessed with Barney Frank and the messages that come out of his mouth breaking through his adorable lisp ( yes, I said adorable. Welcome to Daddy Hunt)

In Barney , I believe!


Frank sees gay equality “in my lifetime”


Representative Barney Frank (D-MA) speaks during the Reuters Future Face of Finance Summit in Washington, March 2, 2011. REUTERS/Hyungwon Kang

(Reuters) – The highest-profile openly gay lawmaker predicted on Wednesday that the United States could soon see an end to legalized discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender.

“We are on the verge of major breakthroughs,” Representative Barney Frank told the Reuters Future Face of Finance Summit.

He pointed to President Barack Obama’s decision last month to stop defending a law that defines marriage as being between a man and a woman, and a vote by Congress that will lead to an end of the ban on gays serving openly in the military.

“I can foresee now an end to legal inequality based on sexual orientation and gender equality some time in my lifetime,” said Frank, who turned 70 three days ago.


March 3, 2011


by Accidental Bear

After viewing the film We Were Here at the Castro Theater in the San Francisco last evening I have more love for my queer community than ever. It made me want to march out the theater, protest down market street, volunteer every spare minute I have and give long heart felt hugs to everyone in arms length. There is amazing heaps of history on the sidewalks that I walk everyday. Take a moment and smell the pavement ( ok, not literally).

Here is another way for you to taste SF’s diverse, ground breaking and LOVELY gay communities evolution, on the dance floor no less.



SPKR: An Amplified History of San Francisco’s Queer Dance Floors
Saturday March 12th, 2011 at Public Works 161 Erie St. San Francsico, CA
Music by Bobby Viteritti (Trocadero Transfer) & Steve Fabus (I-Beam)
8pm – 10pm VIP Catered Reception | 10pm – 3am Public Dance Event & Gallery Show

San Francisco, CA – the world’s gay Mecca where many counter cultures are born – has a rich history for creating legends. The city is known for late night dancing, where disc jockeys are regularly canonized into saints, and any ordinary queen can transform into drag royalty overnight. Like most social movements, it takes generations before their oral traditions and memories are committed to stone. San Francisco’s underground dance clubs of the 70s ,80s , and 90s is no exception.

SPKR will be structured to engage the community with a VIP donor’s reception, and then followed by a lavish all night dance party to benefit the GLBT Historical Society. Music will be provided by Bobby Viteritti and Steve Fabus. Guests will also be able to seamlessly travel from club to gallery space in the Public Works in-house gallery to view the never before seen artifacts and interviews curated just for the event.


SPEAKER will feature five significant venues from San Francisco’s timeline: I Beam, End Up, Trocadero Transfer, Townsend, and The Box. These parties and the personalities gravitating around them will be portrayed as a multimedia family tree – telling the tales of notorious Sunday Tea Dances, a sexually charged and libertine rave culture, and the emergence of a global authority on dance music for the present generation.

The GLBT Historical Society Archives, private donors, and newly commissioned photography will be used to weave together a concise narrative for SPEAKER. A poster and audio documentary will be produced to showcase select media from the show. After the event the show will be open for a public viewing of all media and collateral on March 12th, 13th, and 14th.

Michael Garret at the I-Beam

100% of the proceeds of this event will go directly to the Historical Society and its causes.

Bobby Viteritti at the Trocadero Transfer


For full list and 411 of event checkout Facebook page:


Lights and Sound | Randall Schiller Productions

Media | Bar Tab SF

Wine | Swirl in Castro

Catering | SF Delicious

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