Great Loss; 15 yr old, Jumped to his Death

by Accidental Bear

Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me, may need to be updated. I cry in my coffee this morning.

Dominic Crouch died last May


Schoolboy, 15, jumped to his death after rumors he was gay


A Gloucestershire teenager jumped to his death after rumours circulated that he was gay, an inquest has heard.

Dominic Crouch, 15, a pupil at St Edwards School in Cheltenham, threw himself from a six-storey block of flats last May after returning from a school trip.

An inquest in Cheltenham heard that pupils played spin the bottle on the four-day art trip and there were rumours that Dominic had kissed a boy.

His parents said he appeared happy when he returned from the trip but just days later, he left school at lunchtime to go to the block of flats where he got to the roof via a trapdoor.

Notes were found in his pockets apologising to his parents.


Dominic’s family are raising money in his name for the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund which supports children in South Africa.

To donate to the cause, click here



3 Comments to “Great Loss; 15 yr old, Jumped to his Death”

  1. Thanks for drawing attention to my son’s tragic needless death. Just to clarify Dom’s notes to us apologised only for taking his own life. He had nothing else to apologise for.

    • You are beautiful people for being so understanding. I am deeply sorry for your loss! If you fins the need ever to expressed thoughts or views on the subject , feel free to reach out through my blog. Reads would be blessed!

  2. I hope to be working with LGBT organisations in the UK using Dom’s story to help prevent more young suicides – enough is enough. i have also got the UK police investiagting a homophobe who posted a hate message on a news page – potentially a crime in the UK and had a US web site provider where a bunch of morons were gloating over Dom’s death. We’ve been tremendously moved by the support we’ve had. All the best to you Bear.

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