San Francisco Movie Bears; Fur Gatherings

by Accidental Bear

Unless you are opposed to mingling with chaming, bearded men (potential ex-bf’s), enjoying smashing films, going out on a school night (not booze focussed, a plus), eating movie theater food for  dinner and a gay old time,

San Francisco MovieBears is for you.



Dave and Drew

Up coming fur ball gatherings:

All movies are Wednesday, unless otherwise indicated
Click the movie poster for the trailer!
Schedule subject to change!

Join SF MovieBears….

Monday, April 4th
AMC Metreon
Pick up tickets 6:15 – 7:00pm

Wednesday, April 6th
AMC Metreon
Pick up tickets- 6:45 7:30pm

One Comment to “San Francisco Movie Bears; Fur Gatherings”

  1. Thanks for plugging us!

    I would also mention that we get bulk passes from the theaters so that all the shows we see are $3 cheaper than normal.

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