Antigay Mob Attack Caught on Video

by Accidental Bear

What a bunch of punk ass bitches. Things like this make my blood boil. Each and every one of those involved, one kick, one punch, in this attacked should be be put to death! I don’t want to hear any arguments about, young misguided youth. I am a a strong believer in stronger punishments for hate crimes and bringing back , an eye for an eye.


By Editors

SCAttackx390 (Screengrab) |

Video evidence shows that Joshua Esskew was attacked by a mob of at least eight young men earlier this month in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

The Herald reports on the attack that took place early April 9 at a convenience store just outside city limits. Esskew, 19, and his friend Da-Neshia Reid had stopped for a soda on the way home.

When Esskew entered the store, one of several young men called him a gay slur. Surveillance video shows him being hit in the head with a bottle, possibly from a 40-ounce beer, and then starting to fight back. READ MORE

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