Where Were You in 1985? Madonna – Into The Groove

by Accidental Bear



7 Comments to “Where Were You in 1985? Madonna – Into The Groove”

  1. I was 11 in Ohio and falling in love with Madge over this song. 🙂

  2. Oh god, I was 12 in Upstate NY dancing around in my room in black and white checkered sun glasses.lol

  3. Ah, I was 21, just moved to Southern California from North Carolina, fresh out of college, and was desperately seeking a fabulous life. Loved Into the Groove so much! Madonna had me, lost me for a while, and ultimately brought me back to the congregation!

  4. I was as far away as I could possibly be from Madonna and this song! And the movie! I was one of the Gothtards listening to Skinny Puppy and Bauhaus and covering my severe acne with tons of pancake makeup! Oh, those were the days!

    • I was right there with you but not for a few more yrs. Bleached blond bangs to me chin, shaved head, combat boots, black leather coat covered in punk rock stickers. I was 12 in 1995 🙂

      • Oh, you’re a young’n! I must see a pic of U in those angsty punk days! I bet you were my punk boy fantasy! I love that rough trade! I’ll see if I could dredge out one of my Robert Smith wanna be pix! By the way, I LOVE your blog!

  5. Such kind words you sweet talker!

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